The San Diego Convention Center uses the Spark Compass platform and Gimbal iBeacons

The Spark Compass platform, powered by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., is profiled in this video and highlights the use of personalized notifications based on proximity via Geo-fences and BLE beacons. There are currently several hundred beacons installed inside and throughout the San Diego Convention Center. These interact with the users of the San Diego Convention Center app "SDCCC" which is available to download on the Apple App store and Google Play.

This video is part of a live presentation at the Adeje Tecnologico 14 expo in Tenerife, Spain. Among the keynote speakers is Francis Ortiz, Executive Director of Spark Compass, Europe and via online participation the president of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. California, Erik Bjontegard.

The presentation will showcase how mobile devices and their interaction with the citizen can make cities smarter, more collaborative and generate interactions between governments and citizens. All this is connected via "Big Data".

The San Diego Convention Center app and platform are now live and beacons are activated - powered by Spark Compass by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc as shown in this short video shot on-location in San Diego. Hosted by Erik Bjontegard, President and Founder of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc this video captures a live walk through of some of the user interactions generated by the geo-features and Gimbal iBeacon proximity beacons places in the center.
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Are You and Your Mobile Device Aware of Suja?

Suja makes great, natural juice products and they wanted to do something radically different from its competitors, something that would help it stand out and turn Suja Juice customers into Suja fans.
The company found its solution in the Gimbal context-aware platform (a product of Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc.) and the Qualcomm® VuforiaTM augmented reality platform (a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.).

A Truly Integrated Platform

Total Communicator Solutions. Inc. is proud to present the Spark Compass Platform. This first of it’s kind communication platform integrates out- door location and in-door hyper location with context awareness to deliver highly relevant offers and content to the right person at the right time and place.

We combine best of breed location discovery such as polygon geo-fences and in-door proximity beacons to deliver in-app notifications and push notifications.

Our platforms are controlled and branded by our clients, enabling the creation of intimate loyalty programs between the brands and their customers.

The platform also enables the ability to verify print advertisement engagement with delivery of complimentary content right as the user is engaged with the ad. The platform’s expanded analytical real time data capture, enables “Proof of Presence Conversion Monitoring” – verifying campaign effectiveness from initial advertisements all the way into a retail location.

Suja Juice App now available

Total Communicator Solutions is excited to Introduce the SUJA Juice App. This App is the perfect companion that will walk you through the process of cleansing and beyond and is powered by the versatile Spark Compass platform. read more

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